Nothing says “I love you” like mozzarella cheesesticks.


Hopefully I get the job!

I applied for a job at Hollister and I have my interview on friday!

Ahhhh! :)

13 page paper is done!

I swear, if I don’t get an A, I’ll… I’LL

I’ll probably cry.

Lol so for Honors English 205, we got three prompts for the essay, but the professor said we could also do all 3.
So I chose to do all 3.

I’m 10 pages into my essay and only 2/3 done.

Some people finished their essay in 2 pages.

I don’t even.


Top 5 Favorite Youtubers/Channels!

1. Roosterteeth / Achievement Hunter
2. FarFromSubtle / Video Games Awesome
3. LiveFastDiePoor
4. Glove and Boots
5. CGP Grey

Youtube is basically my TV. I’ll make some more content soon enough. My life right now is basically eat, sleep, college.